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Personal Capital - rate Personal Capital is a personal financial application that allows users to track their expenses, invest money, and get financial advice. If you want to better control your money, Personal Capital is the perfect app for you.
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American-based and founded in 2009, Personal Capital is a personal financial application that allows users to track their expenses, invest money, and get financial advice. With more than 18K clients investing money and more than 2 million users enjoying its free-of-cost expenses’ tracker, Personal Capital has established as the top fintech service app for the past decade. If making the most out of your money and learning to manage and invest money are some of your financial priorities, then Personal Capital is the perfect app for you.


Personal Capital is mostly known for its free-of-charge financial dashboard that allows you to track all your expenses in one single interface. Personal Capital’s financial dashboard permits you to link your bank accounts, credit cards, mortgages, and even investment portfolios to track and manage your expenses in real-time, giving you more control over your money with one single app.

Personal Capital’s financial dashboard is perfect to track daily expenses, check savings accounts, keep an eye on retirement plans status, monitor your net worth, create budgets, and even analyze fees. Thanks to this wide array of options, Personal Capital’s financial dashboard is the key point of the company.

However, Personal Capital offers a Wealth Management Service that allows you to invest money and wisely manage your assets thanks to the help of professional fiduciary advisors. Its account custodian feature grants you your money will be safe and sound being held by one of the biggest finance-devoted companies in the industry, Pershing Advisors Solutions, which protects over $1trillion in assets all over the globe.

Additionally, Personal Capital offers a staggering $250K in cash and a total of $500K to cover insecurities and broker failure; however, this doesn’t include market fluctuation-related losses. Finally, Personal Capital allows you to have access to two dedicated advisors you can contact at any time of the day by phone, email, live chat, and even video conference.


Personal Capital free version is completely free of charge; no hidden fees or small payments to use the basic features.

On the other hand, Personal Capital’s Wealth Management Service starts with a $100K minimum initial investment or a $200K investment to grant regular access to financial advice. Personal Capital’s portfolio management fees may seem high at an o.89% in investments up to $1 million; the fee decreases on higher investments reaching a whopping 0.49% in investments of $10 million and more.


Personal Capital is known for being safe and responsible when it comes to handling people’s money. Its great team of advisors really makes the company stand out among the competition due to their humane, socially responsible, and not robo advisors-like advice.

Besides, it’s a big plus to have free access to the platform to take advantage of great features from the financial dashboard; however, once you’ve signed up for the free version, you’ll get annoying reminders to upgrade to the Wealth Management Service every now and then.


Personal Capital’s highly functional financial dashboard, devoted investment and wealth management service features, and helpful advice are what make this app a great addition to any investor out there. If you are looking for an easy-to-use platform that allows you to handle your budgets and helps you to invest it in one single app, Personal Capital is the way to go.

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by Justo Nov 19, 2020
Personal Capital is a personal financial application that allows users to track their expenses, invest money, and get financial advice. If you want to better control your money, Personal Capital is the perfect app for you.
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