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H&R Block 9 rate H&R Block is a tax company that provides all forms of tax-filing services you need so that you can do it yourself at home or you can visit one of many offices to consult with an expert in order to get your maximum tax refund. Apply Now Similar Sites Used Post a Review

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H&R Block is a tax company that provides all forms of tax-filing services you need, so that you can do it yourself at home or you can visit one of many offices to consult with an expert, in order to get your maximum tax refund.

What You Get and How

Being a tax company, the main service that H&R Block sells is tax-filing. They provide you with 2 easy options – you can choose to file your taxes yourself via the internet at the comforts of your home or you can visit one of their many offices worldwide to consult with their tax experts, aptly named “Tax Pros”.

If you opt for filing your taxes at home, you can choose to purchase any one of their 4 tax-filing software packages, namely Basic, Deluxe, Premium, and Premium & Business. Different packages cater to different sort of individuals. For instance, small business owners will want to get the Premium & Business package while for the common folk, a Basic package will do just fine. However, if you need guidance and assistance for investments, stock options, home sales, retirement, maximizing mortgage interest, and real estate deductions, then you might want to go for either the Deluxe or the Premium package instead.

That being said, regardless of which packages you choose, you will get access to a nice range of tools, such as the easy import of last year’s tax returns, that will make filing your taxes so much easier. H&R Block also provides a complementary Accuracy Review after you’ve done your taxes and will help you check your files for issues. It will even assess your audit risk. Though, if you do get audited, H&R Block only provide the In-person Audit Support feature for premium users.

Users can also get the Remote Tax Pro option, just so they can get an actual tax expert to check their returns. They can even upload their tax files and get these Pros to prepare their returns for them!

However, if you prefer to see your money at work, then you might want to head over to one of their offices to sit with their expert as they prepare your returns for you. Their offices are opened at convenient locations and hours, and they do have offices worldwide. You can also opt to drop-off your taxes with them, let them do their magic, and pick up your returns afterwards.

Besides tax-filing services, H&R Block also organizes Income Tax Courses that you can sign up for to learn everything there is to know about taxes from H&R Block’s very best tax professionals. The course includes both classroom instruction and web–based learning and activities to help you better master the topic, and who knows? If you’re good enough at it, you might end up getting a job (at H&R Block)! Still unsure? Well, you can get a sample course for free, and decide later if you’d like to pay to attend a course.

H&R Block even has two mobile apps that you can use. The first being MyBlock, an app that’s designed for you to easily manage your taxes and your Emerald Card (H&R Block’s Prepaid Mastercard). The second app is the H&R Block Tax Prep, which will allow you to prepare and file your taxes anytime and anywhere while tapping into the expertise that H&R Block has to offer.


One of the major highlights of H&R Block is its guarantees. They are so confident in their tax program that if you could get a larger refund (or smaller liability) using their competitor’s methods, then they will refund you the fees you’ve paid and let use their program to amend your return at no extra charges.

They are very confident in the accuracy of their software as well. You can be reimbursed for up to $10,000 if their program made an arithmetic error that causes you to bear payment penalties or to be of interest to the IRS. In fact, if you do get audited by the IRS, H&R Block will help you understand and respond to their tax notices without any charges. And if at the end of the day, you are still not satisfied, then H&R Block will refund the full purchase price you’ve paid.


If you find yourself struggling with your taxes, then perhaps it’s time to give H&R Block a go. They are the best tax company around, after all, and they do have decades of experience when it comes to filing taxes the proper and most accurate way to get the biggest refunds.

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by Aethyna Aug 23, 2018
H&R Block is a tax company that provides all forms of tax-filing services you need so that you can do it yourself at home or you can visit one of many offices to consult with an expert in order to get your maximum tax refund. H&R Block Read More
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