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AMarkets AMarkets is a brokerage service provider that focuses on three main trading account types to trade everything from cryptocurrencies to Forex ECN, commodities, metals, US equity CFDs, and even stock market indices. If you are on the look for a robust investment solution, AMarkets is the way to go. - rate

M1 Finance

M1 Finance M1 Finance is an American-based free-of-charge investment and financial service provider company catered towards individuals and companies wanting to start investing in stocks and ETFs. If you are new to investing, M1 Finance’s robo-advisory and wide variety of finance-related services will do you good. - rate


SecurionPay SecurionPay is a cross-device payment platform that enables businesses accepting online payments in 160 currencies. From the very beginning, they have strived to become the developers’ most favorable payment solution, delivering powerful API and the flexibility that everyone is looking for today. - rate


Upgrade Upgrade is a financial services company and direct online lender whose goal is to offer optimum value by being a one-stop-shop for a wide range of online and mobile financial products, mainly personal loans, but also a credit card, auto refinancing, a rewards program, credit monitoring, and many more. - rate


Libra Libra is an ambitious cryptocurrency based on the block chain platform that’s been designed with the idea of making the process of transferring money from one place to another as seamless as it can possibly be. - rate

IQ Options

IQ Options IQ Options is a Cyprus-based online platform that allows users to trade everything from stocks, forex, commodities, ETFs, and even cryptocurrencies. If you are looking to trade and exchange money in a safe way from the comfort of your own house, IQ Options is the way to go. - rate

Capitalist Exploits

Capitalist Exploits Capitalist Exploits is a free investment and finance-related newsletter created by finance guru Chris MacIntosh. It offers investment-oriented services for both pro and newbies in the finance field. If you want to start investing following professional advice, Capitalist Exploits is for you. - rate


Revolut Revolut is a British financial technology company that offers virtual banking services as an alternative to physical banks, in particular, mobile app-based current accounts, prepaid debit cards, stock trading, fee-free currency exchange, cryptocurrency exchange, and peer-to-peer payments. - rate


RefiMatch RefiMatch is a Cheyenne, Wyoming based loan provider comparison site that helps homeowners get the most up-to-date mortgage rates in their area by listing available loan services, and when you find a low rate and want more information, the site can arrange a free customized quote for you. - rate

Credit Sesame

Credit Sesame Credit Sesame is a personal finance service that gives its members free access to credit score monitoring, credit reports, and identity protection tools. It also provides expanded credit monitoring for an additional subscription fee, plus personalized recommendations regarding loans and refinancing opportunities. - rate


Kabbage Kabbage is an alternative loan company that helps small businesses and individuals with poor credit score credentials. If you are looking for a credit of up to $250,000 to start your own business or simply need some extra cash to cover emergencies, Kabbage is the way to go. - rate


Etoro eToro is an Israeli multi-assets and social trading brokerage platform that allows users to purchase, invest, sell, and trade stocks and all sorts of cryptocurrencies and commodities. If you are looking to invest, learn from popular investors, and make money sharing your strategies, eToro is for you. - rate


Lendio Lendio is a free online small business financing platform that connects customers to lenders, helping business owners find the best financing options by allowing them to search among multiple loan products from their marketplace of funders, including Bank of America and Kabbage. - rate

H&R Block (2021)

H&R Block (2021) H&R Block is an American tax preparation company that provides all types of free and paid tax-filing services—either DIY at home using downloadable tax software or e-filing on their website; with on-demand help via video chat or by phone; or by visiting one of their many offices. - rate


CourseBegin CourseBegin is an information website created to help people find, apply for, and ultimately receive financial assistance. Filled with lots of expert, easy-to-understand articles and essential links, CourseBegin has all the tools you need to get the financial resources you need to get your life on track. - rate

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Visor Visor Visor is a tax-filing service company that can help you to optimize your taxes so you can maximize every possible deduction while saving some time and money. Aside from offering transparent pricing, it also provides year-round, one-on-one financial advising – simply schedule a session with your advisor. Turbo Tax Turbo Tax TurboTax is among the most popular tax-filing software company in the US. Aside from providing accurate and easy-to-use programs for you to file your taxes with, the company even offers tons of guarantees, free consultations, live tax advice, a referral system and more. TaxSlayer TaxSlayer TaxSlayer is a tax-filing software that, according to its many customers, is the highest rated for best value. It offers a myriad of tax products, each of which are designed to fit a varying range of customers, from active-duty military personnel to freelancers. You can even file both your federal and state taxes for completely free if you qualify for a 1040EZ form. Even Financial Even Financial Even is a loan-matching service that offers personalized, fast-funding loan offers in 3 easy steps which can be completed within 10 minutes at most. The rates you get are reasonable, depending on your credit score, and they are very transparent about the terms of each of the loans they offer you. FreeTaxUSA FreeTaxUSA FreeTaxUSA is the only tax-filing service that lets you file your federal taxes for completely free regardless of which form you need to fill. Aside from promising accurate calculations and maximum and quick refunds, they are an IRS-approved e-file provider, allowing you to directly submit your tax return to the IRS for free as well. Fresh Tax Help Fresh Tax Help is a service that helps to match you with enrolled agents, certified public accountants (CPAs) and tax attorneys who are proficient at helping you solve the current tax dilemma that you’re facing.


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