New Site Added: Earnin

by Mel Mar 29, 2023
Palo Alto, California based Earnin is a for-profit financial services app using a business model based on users paying voluntary "tips" to withdraw earned wages ahead of time. With the Earnin app, members can access money already earned, up to $100 a day and up to $500 per paycheck. Earnin Read More

New Site Added: BitIRA

by Mel Mar 14, 2023
Bringing together decades of experience and first-in-class expertise in placing alternative assets within self-directed IRAs, consider BitIRA if you’re thinking of purchasing Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital currencies with your IRA. BitIRA can then move your retirement account into IRAs that let customers trade cryptocurrencies in a tax-sheltered account. BitIRA Read More

New Site Added: OppLoans

by Mel Feb 14, 2023
OppLoans is an American high-interest short term lending company specializing in installment loans to middle income, credit-challenged borrowers. Unlike some of its competitors, it doesn't require a hard credit check and does not require you to secure your loan with a vehicle as collateral. OppLoans Read More

New Article Added: 5 Best Budgeting App You Should Use

by Justo Jan 14, 2023
These are 5 of the biggest mobile and online apps that can help people budgeting and monitoring their expenses for a better financial future. 5 Best Budgeting App You Should Use preview image Read More

New Site Added: Buildium

by Mel Dec 14, 2022
Buildium is an American property management software company providing cloud-based SaaS real estate solutions for managing property portfolios, including leasing, accounting and operations. Buildium is currently used by more than 12,500 property managers working with more than 175,000 owners and 1 million tenants. Buildium Read More

New Site Added: Stash

by Mel Nov 14, 2022
Stash is an American financial technology and financial services company based in New York City operating both a web platform and mobile app which allows users to incrementally invest small amounts in their chosen ETFs, stocks, and bonds. Best for beginner and thematic investors as well as those with modest salaries. Stash Read More

New Site Added: Truebill

by Mel Oct 14, 2022
Truebill is a free and paid financial management app that serves as a personal finance tracker, budget planner, subscription manager, and bill reminder all in one. Designed to lower your expenses by helping you track them seamlessly and automatically, Truebill earns its revenue by taking a cut of what you save. Truebill Read More

New Site Added: Paribus

by Justo Sep 14, 2022
Paribus is an American company and creator of the price tracking app of the same name, which syncs with a user's email account to scan for receipts and negotiates with online companies to refund the difference if there is a price drop shortly after a purchase.
Paribus Read More

New Site Added:

by Justo Aug 14, 2022
Privacy is a service that you can use to make an online payment using virtual cards instead of your physical payment card information. The Privacy cards is the first payments product that keeps your personal information private, while being even more convenient than using a regular credit card online. Read More

New Site Added: Remitly

by Justo Jul 29, 2022
Founded in 2011 by Matt Oppenheimer, Shivaas Gulati and Josh Hug, Remitly is a digital remittance service that helps you send money abroad and makes the money transfer process faster, affordable, and more transparent. It operates in the United States, Canada, and the UK.
Remitly Read More
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